A downloadable Soul Destroyer

Taking the lessons learnt in the early days of mega man, you are now faced with a challenge that will test your will and sanity. You take control of a little alien who used to be a bad guy but didn't quite have it in him to cause pain and misery upon the galaxy. You must help him escape his home planet and warn the earthlings of the alien plan to destroy the galaxy. They might look cute but don't be fooled they will not allow you to survive.

Games are supposed to be fun, right? Well this ain't no game son! This will be torture, it will make you question your own purpose, it will make you go insane. Even the developer is contemplating his existence, I guess there's only so long you can cope with being stuck on level 1-1.

Think you got what it takes? I sure did, now I spend the rest of my days glaring through a window in hope of a purpose. I guess I'm not the man I thought I was.

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